Maui Soda & Ice Works history and milestones

1884 – Gibbens & Macauley found Maui Ice Works

1888 – G. H. French takes over Maui Ice Works in Kahului near Pier 1

1893 – Ralph A. Wadsworth (from Hilo) purchases the company from French

1898 – Wadsworth home built in Wailuku on site of current plant

1899 – Bubonic plague outbreak requires Kahului to be burned down to control spread

1900 – Maui Soda & Ice Works is re-located to its present Wailuku site

1901 – Cold storage facilities expanded due to community demands

1909 – Maui Soda & Ice Works buys HYGEIA Soda Works

1921 – Maui Soda & Ice Works buys Wailuku Soda Works

1922 – Manuel Nobriga begins working at Maui Soda & Ice Works

1924 – Coca-Cola® is first bottled on Maui at Maui Soda & Ice Works

1931 – Maui Ice Cream, a division of Haleakalā Dairy, leases space at Maui Soda & Ice Works

1932 – Maui Soda & Ice Works buys Maui Ice Cream and begins making Dairymen’s Ice Cream

1946 – Closed corp. (Nobriga family) buys company and property from Wadsworth family

1947 – Maui Soda & Ice Works purchases Lahaina Ice Works

1951 – Introduction of Coca-Cola® in cans

1954 – Introduction of 26-oz. bottles of Coca-Cola®

1958 – Introduction of King Size Coke

1963 – Introduction of Tab®

1972 – Introduction of Roselani Ice Cream brand

1973 – Introduction of Sprite® – and discontinuation of Bubble-Up introduced in 1957

1974 – Introduction of 32-oz. returnable/resealable Coke®, Sprite®, Tab® and Fanta® bottles

1978 – Introduction of 8-oz. cans of Coke®, Tab® and Sprite®

1983 – Introduction of Diet Coke®

1983 – First side-load trucks – allowed forklift loading of pallets instead of manual loading

1984 – Introduction of caffeine-free Coke®, Diet Coke® and Tab®

1984 – Board of Directors approve five-year building plan

1985 – Sugar-free category reaches almost 30%

1985 – Introduction of New Coke®, Coca-Cola Classic®, and Cherry Coke®

1986 – Coca-Cola®’s Centennial

1988 – Maui Soda & Ice Works 100th Anniversary

1988 – Last bottling of Coca-Cola® on Maui

1989 – Introduction of Roselani Tropics line of ice cream flavors

1991 – Introduction of first bottled water – Avalon brand from Quebec

1992 – Introduction of Sno-Ka-Oi syrups (made by Maui Soda & Ice Works)

1994 – Maui Soda & Ice Works first in Hawai‘i to introduce 20-oz. plastic Coke® bottles

1997 – Introduction of Evian® and Hawaiian Isles® bottled waters

1997 – 1998 – $3.5 million expansion of Maui Soda & Ice Works facility

1998 – First venture off-island – to O’ahu – of Roselani Ice Cream

2000 – Maui Soda & Ice Works and Nobriga family receive Outstanding Small Business Philanthropist of the Year Award from the Aloha Chapter of the National Society of Fundraising Executives

2000 – Maui Soda & Ice Works named Family Business of the Year by The Family Business Center of Hawai’i and the University of Hawai’i College of Business Administration

2000 – Route accounting completely computerized

2001 – David “Buddy” Nobriga inducted into the Paniolo Hall of Fame

2002 – David “Buddy” Nobriga named Maui County Council Boy Scouts of America Distinguished Citizen of the Year

2003 – Maui participates first time in national Coca-Cola® student art contest The Art of Harmony

2004 – David “Buddy” Nobriga receives first ever Friend of Agriculture Award presented by Hawai’i Agriculture Conference

2004 – David “Buddy” Nobriga named Maui Weekly’s first ever Person of the Year

2005 – Roselani Ice Cream now available in all supermarket chains on all Hawaiian Islands

2008 – Roselani Ice Cream introduces Aloha Cherry Truffle and partners with the Maui Memorial Medical Center Foundation on a grassroots campaign to promote breast cancer awareness, education and early detection. A portion of the proceeds of every carton of Aloha Cherry Truffle goes to a specially established fund for this cause.

2008 – David “Buddy” Nobriga retires from West Maui Soil & Water Conservation District (WMSWCD) after more than 50 years of service

2008 – David “Buddy” Nobriga receives Mayor’s Small Business Lifetime Achievement Award

2008 – David “Buddy” Nobriga named one of the People Who Made a Difference by The Maui News

2009 – David “Buddy” Nobriga receives The Pacific Southwest’s Environmental Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

2012 – Route Accounting System upgraded to NorthStar

2013 – David “Buddy” Nobriga inducted into the Hawai’i Restaurant Association Hall of Fame

2014 – Maui Soda & Ice Works, Ltd. receives the 2014 Small Business Administration Award for Family-Owned Business, State of Hawai’i 

2015 – Roselani Ice Cream receives Hawai‘i Food Manufacturers Association, Governor’s Lifetime Achievement Award

2016 – David “Buddy” Nobriga honored by the Maui County Farm Bureau as a Legacy Farmer

2017 – After he passed in early November, David “Buddy” Nobriga was posthumously awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Hawai‘i Cattleman’s Council

Maui Soda & Ice Works is acknowledged as one of the most generous companies in Hawai‘i; in the year 2000, the company won the Small Business Philanthropist of the Year Award from the Aloha Chapter of the National Society of Fundraising Executives.

Some of the biggest community events in which the company participates are:

Maui County Fair

Maui Jaycee Carnival

Seabury Hall Crafts Fair

Lahaina Plantation Days

Maui Arts & Cultural Center Pundy Yokouchi Golf Tournament

Hyundai Tournament of Champions Golf

The Noble Grape (now The Noble Chef which benefits the University of Hawai‘i Maui College Culinary Arts Program)

as well as all St. Anthony Schools events, charity golf tournaments, concerts, cultural celebrations, and fundraisers