Maui Soda & Ice Works distributes a full line of beverages for hydration and refreshment that include:
glaceau vitaminwater® and vitaminwater® zero, organic Honest Teas®, Powerade® and Powerade® Zero, Hubert’s Lemonades®, Peace Teas®, Full Throttle® and NOS® Energy Drinks, FUZE® Teas, the  home brewed taste of Gold Peak Tea® and Tea Lattes®, Seagram’s® Mixers, CorePower® and YUP! ® by Fairlife, Minute Maid® Juices to Go, Minute Maid® Sparkling and Minute Maid® Lemonade, Tum-E-Yummies®, Zico® coconut water, Aloe Gloe®, Dunkin’®, and Monster® Energy drinks.

Coca-Cola®, Caffeine Free Coca-Cola® and Coca-Cola Life® (reduced calorie)
Diet Coke®, Diet Coke with Splenda®, Caffeine Free Diet Coke® and New Diet Coke® flavors
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar® and Caffeine Free Coca-Cola Zero Sugar®
Sprite® and Sprite Zero®
Cherry Coke® and Cherry Coke Zero® and Vanilla Coke®
Fresca®, Fanta® Orange Soda, Barq’®s Root Beer and Diet Barq’s® Root Beer
Dasani® water, Dasani Sparkling® waters and Dasani Drops®
Coca-Cola®, Fanta® & Sprite de Mexico® – made with real cane sugar
Dr Pepper®, Diet Dr Pepper® and Cherry Dr Pepper®
glaceau Smartwater® and Smartwater Sparkling® water
Seagram’s® Mixers Tonic Water, Club Soda & Ginger Ale
Monster Energy®, Monster Ultra®, Monster Juice®, Java Monster®, Muscle Monster® & Monster Hydro®

We specialize in Full Service and On Premise business partnerships. We are the authorized Foodservice provider by The Coca-Cola® Company to deliver, install and maintain the island’s network of fountain dispensing equipment.

We offer an entire line of Coca-Cola® and Dr Pepper® Bag-in-Box syrups as well as a full line of Cocktail products. We stock all restaurants and/or bar dispensing syrup systems. These include Orange Juice, Cranberry Juice, Apple Juice, Coconut syrup, Passion-Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice and POG juice combinations. We can create your special Mai Tai, Pina Colada or Blue Hawaii mix in Bag-in-Box. We also carry Sweet & Sour Mix, Tonic, Ginger Ale, Lemonades and Teas. These are available in our premium line or Snow Ka Oi® labels.

Maui Soda & Ice Works can also produce our signature Snow Ka Oi® Shave Ice Syrups just for you.

We also distribute a full line of frozen products including:
Our own Maui Made Roselani® Ice Creams
We are licensed to manufacture McDonald’s soft-serve mix for the island of Maui.

Breyer’s® , Ben & Jerry’s®, La Gelateria® Sorbet, Good Humor®, Mikawaya®, Klondike®, Popsicles®, Magnolia®, Magnum Bars®, Fat Boys®, Melona®, Carvel®, Edwards®, Frozen Pizza – Freschetta®, Red Baron®, Frozen Foods – Golden Coin®, Hawaiian Sun Frozen Coconut Milk®, Michelina’s®, Orientex®, Pampangas®, Zippy’s® lines, Pro Foods Coconut Milk®, Halo Top®, f’Real®, Holy’s Pies®, Talenti®